I couldn't put it down! What a captivating, emotional, and inspirational story! ... I also learned so  much about history that I never learned in school.
                                                                                                                                           -- Emily, IL

"Grazie" for your book, based on a true story of a lucky WWII Italian Partisan who lived to tell his story.  Antonio's story truly deserved to be told and you did a masterful job telling it.  Bravo!
--MG, San Francisco

What a great book!  I finished reading it today and have to say it is one of the best books I have ever read...I mean it. I felt I was with Antonio during all of his ordeals.  You wove the historical facts into the story seamlessly.  I learned a lot!
--LN, Glendora, CA

I have just had the very great pleasure of reading your book.  You have a very clear and straightforward narrative which is compelling, entertaining, historically well documented, and faithful to one man's coming to maturity in the crucible of war. ...makes it for me an emotional journey as well.  
--SG, Milan, IL

Read every page, was surprised at the fast read.  I think it’s a really good book: when do we get the next one?!  
--JD, Santa Clara, CA

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